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Portable AC Power System is capable of accepting clean portable solar input charging and hybrid generation. Allows various output connections.

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  • Power 120VAC or 12VDC equipment anywhere
  • Safe, lightweight Li-Ion battery - fully sealed with no maintenance
  • 2x the energy of Lead Acid batteries with half the weight. Full depth of discharge capability, no memory, hundreds of more cycles, low self discharge, can store for long periods without recharge



  • Power 120VAC or 12VDC equipment anywhere
  • LED system status interface: indicates modes and functions, confirms State-of-Charge
  • LED display:
    - State of charge in %
    - Mode: charge or discharge
    - Run Time Remaining with present load
  • Safe, lightweight Li-Ion battery - fully sealed with no maintenance
  • 2x the energy of Lead Acid batteries with half the weight. Full depth of discharge capability, no memory, hundreds of more cycles, low self discharge, can store for long periods (> 6 months) without recharge
  • Incorporates surge protection, automatic over load and over temp for safe shutdown
  • Auto battery shutdown at low capacity
  • Recharges in less than 4 hours from standard wall outlet
  • Easily transported – rugged case has wheels and handles
  • Plug-and-Play integration – set up in under 5 min
  • Optimizes use of flexible or rigid solar panels with MPPT
  • Engineered system provides high power and high capacity in a portable package
  • Scalable energy capacity from 1.25 to 2.5kWh



  • Long lasting high capacity battery – will provide 18 hours run time for a 19” color TV, over 30 hours for a laptop, and over 60 hours for a 100Watt equivalent LED light. Battery will hold a charge for 6 months before needing recharge
  • Silent Power when you need it. Provides clean reliable power – can function as a UPS
  • Harvest energy in remote locations- recharge from solar, wind, generator, 24V vehicle or main power source
  • Environmentally responsible – zero emissions. Reduces refueling cost and logistics
  • Utilizes True Sine Wave Inverter that delivers premium power quality


  • Disaster Relief – immediate drop in power with several recharge modes
  • Construction Sites – operates power tools
  • Emergency Response – clean reliable power for critical and delicate devices, charged and ready when needed most
  • Residential Power Outages - Operates essential equipment offering continuous safety, security and comfort
  • Military - Forward Operating Bases (FOB)
  • Military - Recharge personnel batteries and personal electronics
  • Marine Applications
  • Hunters / Campers / Boaters / Nature Enthusiasts
  • Remote Locations / Portable Lighting
  • Micro-Grid / Off-Grid Power
  • Critical power - industrial & commercial



Part No

URS0007-01: 1.25KWh Storage
URS0007-02: 2.5KWh Storage

Inputs / Voltages

Vehicle: 19-72VDC (nominal 24V), 35A max
Solar: 21-30VDC, 45VDC max open circuit voltage, 30A max
Mains/Shore: 115VAC @ 60Hz or
220VAC @ 50Hz, 15A max

Outputs / Voltages

5VDC USB Ports (2)
12VDC CIG Outlet (1), 10A max
115VAC @ 60Hz or 220VAC @ 50Hz (4), 500 Watts per outlet pair

Nominal Capacity

1.25kWh @ 1kW rate @ 23°C
Optional larger battery: 2.5 kWh @ 1kWh rate @ 23°C


Max: 1.0kW continuous of AC
Burst: 1.5kW for 30 seconds

Battery Chemistry

Li-Ion Iron Phosphate (LFP)


31.3L X 20.4W X 15.5H


URS0007-01: 145lb (66kg)
URS0007-02: 175lb (80kg)

Cycle Life

> 3000 cycles @ C/2 to 80% of initial capacity

Operating Temperature

Discharge: -20°C to 60°C
Charge: 0ºC to 45ºC

Storage Temperature

-40°C to 80°C


~10% per month


Ruggedized polypropylene transit cases, with integrated wheels and extendable pull handle, also has 3 grip handles.


LED Display: State of Charge in %, Mode: charge or discharge, run-time remaining with present load
Solar Input: banana plugs
Vehicle Input: Anderson SB50 connector
AC Input: 3-pronged male standard (can be charged with a standard extension cord)
Output: duplex convenience outlets (115VAC or 220VAC)
Ground: threaded stud


Material Safety Datasheet - MSDS00152

Accessories Included

DC Charging Cable – recharge from a vehicle, bus or RV
AC Charging Cable – recharge from standard wall outlet
Quick Setup Reference Card, URS0007 (English)

Accessories Optional

UKT0040, Cable Kit
Solar panels - please contact Ultralife

SKU URS0007-01
Weight 145.0000
Country of Manufacture United States

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